My favourite Twister Verbena

Yes, of course.  Twister Verbena is an annual, summer-flowering plant and will produce an impressive show very soon after planting.

A position in full sun or somewhere in partial shade is ideal.

From late spring right through to autumn. Twister is great value in the garden.

Yes, definitely.  As Twister is a trailing plant, it is perfect plant in patio containers, hanging baskets and window boxes.

Yes, it is good in beds and as ground-cover.  Add a little fertiliser at planting time to give plants a ‘flying start’.  Regular feeding and watering through the summer will give a really fine display.

Yes, Twister looks great planted with a wide range of other annual flowers.

Water your Twister regularly, when the soil begins to dry, feeding regularly to give good flower colour and prolonged blooming.

No, but if you regularly remove dead-heads, this will encourage even more flowers to be produced.

Unfortunately, like other annuals, Twister will not survive winter frosts, but it will be available in garden centres again the following spring.

Depending on growing conditions and container size, height is usually 20-40cm.